Women’s Forum

Through 2018, we hosted a series of dinners for a few groups of women at 1880 who are each putting a dent in the universe in their own unique way.…
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Drag Bingo with Becca D’bus
Friday, March 22nd • 7.30pm

It will be loud, fabulous, and simply, legendary.

Japanese Brunch
Sunday, March 23rd • 11.30am - 4pm

Do you dream of sushi?
We do too.
And ramen, sashimi, tempura, and Japanese-inspired cocktails.
Leave your kids at our origami class in the meantime.

Comedy Night with Sam See, Artur Akhmetzyanov and Deepak Chandran
Thursday, April 4th • 7.30pm

They say laughter is the best medicine, and the doctors are in the house.

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It's always happening in 1880

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