1880 is born out of an idea that is as simple as it is grand: that conversations can and will make the world a better place. We believe that where diverse minds gather, great ideas bloom. Our club is an expression of this – a salon for creators and explorers to meet, connect and relax in good company and exceptional comfort.


Can there be symmetry in difference? We think so. At 1880, everything we do is about capturing the magic feeling that happens when people, perspectives and ideas come together effortlessly. As the place where contradictions converge, our collective spirit celebrates our favourite undiscovered territory – the common ground that lies between self and other.



1880’s spaces are designed to take you out of the ordinary, while still offering you the comfort of being in your element, from the moment you step through our doors. There’s always room to uncover new ground, and where you can be you.



Bardo represents our radically different approach to work. One where it’s not like work meets play – it’s more like work met play, fell in love, got married, and gave birth to the most engaging, inspiring day you ever had. Setting a new bar for productivity, thought leadership, and water cooler conversation, our community model fosters collaboration and participation so that work, ideas, and opportunities thrive.



A spa and grooming salon unlike any you’ve ever known, Mei focuses on humans, not just men or women. Regardless of gender, we take the same universal approach to all our treatments: from classic shaves to deep-tissue back rubs, everything we do foregrounds the oldest and most effective treatment tools in the world – our hands. This fundamentally human instrument grounds every experience at Mei, creating a sensory treat like no other.