There are so many aspects of Sabrina that we do not know about. Yes, she’s our Membership Director, and conducts weekly Flow yoga classes at 1880 – but who is she, really? She talks about finding a personal rhythm in life, and how her experiences with movement have created waves of change within her. Come July 12th, Sabrina will launch 1880’s (and we daresay, Singapore’s) first Immersive Visual Yoga experience.

Tell us about your childhood.

My childhood was one of constant activity and exploration. I started baby ballet at the age of three and basically grew up there. I once went for a casting for the Nutcracker and got in! I was a Rat. I haven’t stopped dancing since. When I was around five years old, I diversified to other forms of dance and thus began my formal lessons in Tap Dancing for the next twelve years. Jazz and Hip-Hop came in later with a dance troupe called ‘Culture Shock’, and we travelled frequently out of Zurich for competitions.

You subsequently landed yourself a performance with the Black Eyed Peas, how did that happen?

During my exchange year in Shanghai, I was part of a dance academy called ‘Jazz Du Funk’. We were approached to dance for them when the Black Eyed Peas toured Shanghai and Beijing in 2006.

How has movement influenced the way you live?

I’m always on the move! I just don’t know how to stay still. People always call me a little firecracker. My friends always ask me how I have the energy to do so many things. 2 years ago my world changed very suddenly, and I was forced to turn to all forms of movement to keep going. I went for spin class, boxing, dance, and enrolled in a yoga teacher training course – basically anything that involved movement and improving my overall well-being. To top it off, I got inked with a symbol of movement. Being in the flow allowed me to be in rhythm with my life. I had to emit my own frequency, rather than get swallowed by the frequency around me.

How does yoga come into the picture then?

Yoga sets the balance between the constant movement of my daily activities and enables me to keep my calm and focus. Focusing on your breath for an hour is meditation in itself. Sometimes I don’t know how much I needed it until after the session. Yoga is a personal practice and journey. I truly believe it has the power to heal any wounds, mental, physical, and emotional. It’s my soulfood.

You’ve been raving about Immersive Visual Yoga for a while. What can 1880 members expect at your class?

I experienced it first hand during my trip to Sydney earlier this year. The aim of immersive yoga is to give students a break from the stressors of everyday life. We’re always so busy and we’re living in this urban jungle. I want to escape the city and be immersed in serenity. Waterfalls, rolling hills, alps, rivers – just nature that you are enveloped in for one hour. It does wonders for your mind. It might come across as a sensory overload at first, but when you learn to let go, you will respond naturally to the immersive experience – whether it’s my vocal cues, visuals, fragrance in the room, or music in the background. Let go of control, surrender, and find that stillness.

What are you most grateful for in life?

Carpool karaoke. James Corden never fails to tease a smile out of me.

You have the very unique opportunity of interacting with members as their yoga instructor and as a Membership Director. How does it change the dynamic of the relationship? How does it feel?

It’s an interesting combo. I can only say from my perspective, it adds realness to a relationship. It personalises my relationships with the members. Discover a new side. If I can improve just one person’s day, or make someone feel better, that means everything.

What would you say about the membership base that 1880 has curated so far? Who or what would you most like to see here?

A community like the one I grew up in at UWC. A melting pot of people from all walks of life, wanting to impact the world in a positive way, potentially finding new career opportunities, a new love, or a lifelong friendship. I’ve learned so much in the first 6 months of 1880, addressed taboo topics, probably more than I ever would have anywhere else.


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