Our Global Ambassadors embody the spirit of our membership and are activists and changemakers in their own field. They are in the creative arts, some build empires, and some are masters of effortless reinvention. At the heart of it, they simply want to make the world a better place.

Sukki Singapora joins the existing line-up that includes filmmaker Thomas Morgan, and Magic Bus founder Matthew Spacie as our Global Ambassador.

Burlesque artist and activist Sukki Singapora is free-spirited and not afraid to be who she wants to be. She challenges the stereotypes of her community and is a provocative thought leader championing gender equality. She is crushing the mould. Her representation of personal power, independence, and strength brings to life our vision of inspiring conversation and women empowerment at 1880.

Sukki is renowned for being the first woman to legally perform burlesque in Singapore in January 2015, following a four-year campaign. Ever since, she has performed for Cherie Blair, Bill Gates, and the Buckingham Palace. Not only has she made history as Singapore’s first-ever burlesque artist, she has also seized the international platform to demonstrate the importance of fighting for the freedom of expression.

“I couldn’t be more proud to be a Global Ambassador for 1880. It is hugely exciting not just for me personally, but also for Singapore. It’s very rare that a place and concept comes along that really changes things and shakes things up, but I truly feel like this is one of those times. 1880 is everything I stand for: boundary-pushing, oozing Art, a space which nurtures creativity, and one which is constantly changing and evolving. It’s fun, quirky and inspiring. Every moment there has this amazing energy that makes you feel like anything is possible. To be a part of that is addictive, and as Global Ambassador, I’m looking forward to sharing a piece of that magic.” – Sukki Singapora



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