Our yoga and pilates classes segue into the fluid lives of those who make their own hours and rules. Suitable across all levels with an optimum teacher-student ratio, the wellness classes strengthen your core and align your being, giving you a rejuvenating boost.

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$15 per class. Book your slot at rsvp@1880.com.sg.


Shower and Body
Our shower rooms in Mei are stocked with Ashley & Co body and hair products.
Hair dryers, face toner, moisturiser, and other products are also available in our vanity rooms.

Mats and Towels
A fresh towel will be waiting for you in the studio along with a yoga mat. You’ll also find big fluffy towels in the shower rooms.

Tea and Water
Tea and water will be available in the studio.

Lockers are available in Mei spa.
Please clear out the lockers after use as they will be emptied out at the end of every day.
Items found will be kept at the Crystal reception.

Juice and Snacks
Made-to-order organic juices and nutritional snacks are available in the Members’ Lounge after your class.


Pilates is the art of controlled movement that engages your entire body and develops strength, flexibility, and coordination. It has an emphasis on developing a strong core, breathing, and attaining a body-mind connection. It has a much lower chance of injury than other forms of exercise, and is suitable for all ages.

Vinyasa Flow
One hour of movement and music designed to integrate your body, breath, and mind. Leave feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and connected.
All levels welcome.

Yoga for kids
ow do we help our kids build their imagination and strengthen their developing bodies? Let them have fun bending and stretching those nimble limbs, through poses (asanas), breathing exercises, music, art, games, props, and storytelling all in one class.