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1880NE is 1880’s impact foundation: one conversation, one idea, one resolve, one donation, one change, one world. 1880NE builds upon 1880’s existing and growing social capital to educate, mentor, and support individuals in becoming good philanthropists and impact investors.


From our membership, we have pulled together a team of advisors who have extensive experience working on the ground. They have advised on projects that are addressing the world’s critical issues and have helped in scaling their impact. We also have access to a global network of reciprocal members all over the world through our reciprocity with 45 clubs and growing.


In line with achieving this UN Sustainable Development Goal, we take our inspiration from: #MeToo in America; a record of 417 Afghani female candidates participating in the October parliamentary elections; decriminalisation of gay sex in India; and the introduction of paid leave for victims of domestic violence in New Zealand. We want to drive the conversation of equality for all in status, rights, opportunities, and representation in political and economic decision-making processes.


We’re looking to fund projects that will drive change and progress around the globe in support of our 2019 theme of gender equality. You will be introduced to these projects through a series of conversations at 1880 around 1880NE: Doing Good, Doing Well.

If you are interested to know more about 1880NE, please email