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What do you do for a living?
I am the Founder of Speeki, a software and solutions company that focuses on ESG and sustainability. In my spare time, I am a pilot, aircraft owner, investor, and director in a private aviation business in Australia that provides flight instruction, air charter and (soon) a regional air taxi service linking cities across Queensland to regional hubs.

What have you been up to lately?
Like most Founders, doing my best to predict where a business or a segment of the market will be in the future, and structuring our products and business to meet that market, in an ever-changing business climate.

What do you spend a silly amount of time on?
Looking at planes, reading about new developments in electric aircraft and trying to work out which one might be our new fleet in 5-7 years’ time. I also think about how to look at ESG and sustainability in my own life, my own businesses and in the solutions that we sell.

Best advice you’ve received?
In business, there is a constant need to innovate and change. If you have not innovated this month with something new or changed something, then you are going backwards or at best staying still. You must keep looking forward, keep focused and most of all, keep flying the plane.

How should someone say hi to you at 1880?

Tell me you like planes and flying.