An 1880 take on a neighborhood restaurant, Leonie’s traces its name back to the namesake of Robertson Quay, Dr J. Murray Robertson, and boyhood memories of a well-loved family cat named Leonie in his native Scotland. An intimate setting for meals that matter, think of it as what home would be like (if your home had devastatingly good food, great service, and water glasses that magically refilled themselves).

Arthur's Bar

The social heart of 1880. Whether it’s coffee or an espresso martini, juice or a bloody mary, the team is devoted to crafting the perfect libation to keep you going from day to night. With its signature 360 vintage teapots fixed to the bar, it’s the perfect setting for surprising encounters or intimate get-togethers, five-minute powwows or last-minute liaisons, at any time of the day.

The Double

A place for meeting and making merry throughout the day and into the night, The Double is where your two worlds collide. Our day-to-night service features better drinks of every kind – from artful brews to craft spirits – to bring you new and unexpected experiences every time you visit.