80 minutes at 18:00: Freedom of Thought in the 21st Century

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App developers are constantly reinventing the wheel to fight for our screen time, the Russian government seems to have influenced the world’s greatest democracy, satellite images have exposed China’s re-education camps in Xinjiang, and Singapore has proposed an anti-fake news law that has been labelled as Orwellian. Yet, technology and data have revolutionised much of today’s economy and are delivering validated insights to drive positive change to humanity. Are we wrestling to protect the few cubic centimetres inside our skull and traverse the privacy quagmire?

Dan Paris is the Asia Pacific Regional Director for Business Development at TBWA\ Group.

Lucille Dejito is the Director of Legal Interventions, International Justice Mission (IJM), Cebu Field 0ffice

Kirsten Han is a freelance journalist and Editor-in-Chief of New Naratif, a platform for Southeast Asian journalism, research, art and community-building.

Nicholas Fang is the Founder of Blackdot Research and former Nominated Member of Parliament

Moderated by Marc Nicholson, Founder at 1880 – inspiring conversations that change the world.

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