A Plastic Ocean

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A Plastic Ocean documents the investigative journey through our fragile oceans, alarmingly polluted by excesses of waste. Researchers discovered more plastic than plankton in the centre of the Pacific, a disturbing phenomenon detrimental to marine life and human existence. In April 2018, a sperm whale was washed up on a beach in Spain, dead, after swallowing nearly 30 kilograms of plastic. Are we starting to recognise that our appetite for plastic is killing us?

We will be joined by Steven Matthew, board member of the Plastic Oceans Foundation, and a producer of the film, and Evonne Ong, the Chief Editor for Ocean Geographic, for a Q&A session.

Steven Matthew has ardent interests in the marine environment and in growing companies sustainably. His personal and professional endeavours revolve around the seas: he is a qualified Chief Engineer, Shipping Lawyer, and enjoys surfing, diving, and boating.

Evonne Ong is the Chief Editor for Ocean Geographic. A lover of the sea, she is an avid scuba diver and freediver who does underwater photography, and has edited internationally-acclaimed books by Michael Aw. Evonne is also on the judging panels of international underwater photography competitions, and speaks at underwater festivals all over the world.

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