Bar Crawl at 1880

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The industry insider knows all the good stuff. There’s no better way to party the night away than with 1880’s Maestro Gibran, Director of Intoxication Reshawn, and other inebriated members. It’s going to be a good good night.

1880, ATLAS, Operation Dagger, No Sleep Club, The Old Man, 28HKS, 1880 + DJ Night

$138 Includes 5 drinks & party bus

We request that you attend the event you’ve signed up for. If you do not, you prevent another member from attending.​

You may cancel your reservation two days before the event date to avoid a full charge. Please note that prices are subject to prevailing goods and services taxes.

April 27 @ 20:00
20:00 — 01:00

Members Lounge


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Mon, 31 Jan 9am – 5pm
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Tue, 1 Feb, Closed all day

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