Club Gettin Tipsy: Sherry Assembly

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Club Gettin’ Tipsy is a series of cocktail socials and spirit tasting assemblies held every month. A perfect way to kick-off date night or an evening out with friends by expanding your knowledge and palate.

For years, sherry has been trying to reverse its granny image. Very recently, the fortified wine experienced a global revival. The demand for premium sherry has also been on the rise. What’s so fascinating about sherry that has captured the hipster generation? Learn more and sample an array of sherries this evening.


Fino “Puerto Fino” Solera Reserva
Laced with scents of the sea and profound floral aromas. Clean and fresh, with a slight taste of tangy yeast.

Light Manzanilla “Papirusa” Solera Reserva Jerez
Laced with sea breeze scents and pleasant chamomile and floral aromas. Bone dry and light, fresh and crisp, with a hint of sea salt on the palate.

Dry Amontillado los Acros Solera Reserva Jerez
Amber in colour, with hazelnut aromas on the nose. Light, soft and round on the palate, with a long aftertaste.

Don Nuno Dry Oloroso
Dark bronze in colour with golden rim. Pungent nutty aromas and smooky wood background in the nose. Rich flavours of bitter chocolate, walnuts and baked chestnuts.

“San Emilio” Solera Reserva Jerez Sherry
Ebony in colour with iodine highlights. The aromas are reminiscence of figs and raisins in the nose. Enormously sweet, velvety and soft on the palate.

Moscatel “Emilin” Solera Reserva NV
Dark mahogany in colour with an iodine rim. Intense floral and citric aromas, showing Moscatel varietal at its best. Smooth and rich on the palate, reminiscent of dried fruits and spices.


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