Disruption Factory

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Let’s change the world. Forget Entrepreneurship – be a Disruptor. With increasing competition among fresh graduates for the top jobs, and more roles getting replaced by AI, how can we shake things up and solve the world’s biggest problems?

In this one-day programme, you will meet with adventurers who have started, failed, and succeeded. Hear the realities of what it takes to take the path less travelled – the upsides, the downsides, the absolute risks, and the rewards. What are the sacrifices and rewards of building something on your own?

0830 – 0900 Breakfast is served

0900 – 0930 Welcome to the best ride of your life, with breakfast
Marc Nicholson (Founder, 1880), introduces the Disruption Factory.

0930 – 1030 Let’s talk about failure
Is it true that all good entrepreneurs would have failed at least once in their life? And, what does success look like in the face of failure? Rupert Findlay (Serial Entrepreneur) and Rob Bier (Managing Partner, Trellis Asia) will discuss the mountain tops and valleys of entrepreneurship through the lens of their own experiences and their greatest and wisest teacher, Failure.

1030 – 1100 Tea
Because having a short attention span can be worked to your advantage.

1100 – 1200 Choosing your partner vs Going alone
Partnerships can always mean a love-hate relationship threatening to unfold in a barrage conflict. Even then, Marc Nicholson and Luke Jones (CEO, 1880), thought that it would be better to go into the business of member clubs together than alone. What does it mean to have a business relationship despite difficult challenges? Get behind the scenes of what it takes to birth a project like 1880 with the masterminds behind it.

1200 – 1300 Lunch
Food connects people – time to interact with other participants and speakers.

1315 – 1415 Break down the walls!
Juggernauts in the entertainment industry, Sukki Singapora (Activist and Burlesque Artist) and Hossan Leong (Double Confirm Productions, Founder) will have a conversation on breaking down the boundaries that stifle creativity to create an environment for flourishing, vision, and imagination. What does it take to build your own business in the creative field? How can you be a master of continuous reinvention to keep the engagement with the arts fresh?

1415 – 1515 Where does the money come from?
There’s no denying that to build a successful business, there needs to be sufficient financial capital to sustain and its growth. Steve Okun (Senior Advisor, McLarty Associates) and Michael Blakey (Managing Partner, Cocoon Capital Partners Pte Ltd) will share from their wealth of knowledge from the businesses they advise.

1515 – 1530 Tea
or coffee, because this could catalyse your next business idea.

1530 – 1630 Can you do good and make money?
Much to the contrary of what many people think, money and social good are not mutually exclusive. Hear from these exemplar women, Christine Amour-Levar (Founder, Women on a Mission & Her Planet Earth) and Carrie Tan (Executive Director, Daughters of Tomorrow), founders of non-profit organisations that do good for women and generate social impact much more than financial gain.

1630 – 1730 How do you make something from nothing?
Entrepreneurs are often hailed as life’s greatest magicians. They make things from nothing and are in the business of bringing ideas alive. Sit in with Christel Quek (Co-founder, BOLT) and Michele Ferrario (Co-Founder and CEO, StashAway) as they have a conversation on how to build a new company from scratch, bringing together all the puzzle pieces to unveil a master plan for businesses of tomorrow.


Hossan Leong (Founder, Double Confirm Productions)

Christine Amour-Levar (Co-Founder, Women on a Mission)

Sukki Singapora (Burlesque Artist and Activist)

Steve Okun (Founder, APAC Advisors)

Rupert Findlay (Serial Entrepreneur)

Luke Jones (CEO, 1880)

Marc Nicholson (Founder, 1880)

Rob Bier (Managing Partner, Trellis Asia)

Carrie Tan (Executive Director, Daughters of Tomorrow)

Christel Quek (Co-founder, BOLT)

Michele Ferrario (Co-founder and CEO, StashAway)

Michael Blakey (Managing Partner, Cocoon Capital Partners Pte Ltd)

Price includes breakfast and lunch

Kindly RSVP at rsvp@1880.com.sg or WhatsApp 9648 1880.

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