FilmAnthology.SG: Match Made, 2200 Volts & Durga

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Mirabelle Ang’s feature documentary Match Made, has screened at international film festivals and museums such as the Viennale, Cinema du Reel, Mar del Plata, Full Frame, and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Her curiosity and concern for people and societies are at the centre of her works. Through them, she prompts discourse about how modern societies function in the face of global trends and challenges.

Each day, men from different parts of Asia make a stop in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) where they embark on a search for the perfect match. Match Made trails the steps of a Singaporean man in his pursuit for a virgin bride in Saigon. Using verité footage and interviews, Match Made offers a glimpse into the intricate network of international marriage broker business in Vietnam.
Runtime: 48mins

Siyou Tan is a Fellow at the prestigious American Film Institute’s Directing Workshop for Women. For 5 years, she was an art director at Wondros, working on international productions and film content for cause-based organisations and commercial clients including Chanel, Mercedes, Nike, Taschen, and Vanity Fair. Prior to that, she bartended to fund her travel across Southeast Asia, landed in the Beijing art community, and documented the Silk Road.

2200 VOLTS
2200 volts at 7.12 amperes for 60 to 90 seconds, possibly lowered and reapplied at various intervals, to result in an electrical overstimulation of the heart. As a troubled and secretive woman awaits her turn in the electric chair, she irons out her memories obsessively to absolve her regrets. 2200 Volts is a lyrical meditation on connection, loss, intimacy, and self-destruction.
Runtime: 9mins

Juliana Tan is a photographer and director. In both stills and motion, she uses lights, colours, and composition purposefully, creating images that evoke a carefully-chosen emotion. Her works have been published internationally including The New York Times, Fast Company, Neon (Germany), Credit Suisse Bulletin (Switzerland), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Alliance Française.

The film tells the story of Durga, a 16-year-old child bride in Jodhpur, India, who is trapped in a situation she had not baragined for. She bares her soul and vulnerability through her narration, revealing the tender emotions and painful helplessness as she goes through the marriage. Durga continues to hold on to the hope of breaking free one day through education and by finding means to support herself.
Runtime: 17mins

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