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If I speak with human eloquence but don’t love, what difference am I from a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal?

It is by conversing and constantly challenging the status quo that humans evolve. Were that not the case, we would not have celebrated all the movements that drove us to new worlds of acceptance, thought, and living. Yet had we not loved we would have missed the point of what it truly means to be human. We have a lineup of panellists who are acting out in love to serve the LGBTQ+ community to create the change they want to see.


Sherry Sherqueshaa is a young advocate who works with Project X since 2014. Project X is the only non-profit in Singapore who champions for the rights of sex workers and Sherry works as a peer educator. She came out publicly in 2016 as a transgender sex worker. On top of being known to the transgender community for her passion, she aims to shed positive light and challenge the stigma and discrimination society to have on sex work and the women in the industry.

Johnson Chong is a yogi, meditation teacher and self-mastery guide. As the founded of Sagehouse based in the East Coast, his intention is to help people re-connect the mind, body and spirit so that they can live more meaningful lives. He is also the creator of Exodus Retreats, where he leads transformational retreats around the world. As a professionally trained actor (BFA Purchase College) and perpetual student of esoteric wisdom, he integrates his love of storytelling to empower life-changing shifts through his speaking engagements and workshops. His commitment to the global shift of humanity’s consciousness has inspired him to create live and online training programs, guided meditation audios, and coaching programs. Sage Sapien: From Karma to Dharma is his first book, which tracks his spiritual journey of self-rejection to one of self-acceptance. In an inspirational travelogue format, he creates an accessible understanding of ancient wisdom for a contemporary audience.

Shan volunteers with The T Project’s Alicia Community Centre for the transgender and queer youth. He has also volunteered at Oogachaga and has represented Singapore as a transgender activist at APEC, UNAIDS, and APTN global conferences.

Paul Jerusalem is a writer who graduated from Yale-NUS College in 2015. He has been an active member of the groups The G Spot (Yale-NUS Gender and Sexuality Alliance) and QueerNUS, where he continues to serve an advisory role.

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Amy Van De Beuken‘s rips up the decks with trap, hip hop, and EDM. She was the Runway Music Director and DJ for Singapore Fashion Week and has held residencies all over Singapore, and performed in New York and Phnom Penh.

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