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7.00 pm – Welcome Drinks
7.30 pm – Q&A Session with:
Dr. Meri Rosich, Innovation & Business Transformation, Oak Lawn Marketing
Dillah Zakbah, Creative Technologist, BBH Asiapac (Singapore)
Ashima Thomas, CEO, Warrior9
Dawn Ang, Artist and Freelance Creative, MeshMinds
Clair Deevy, Head of Community Affairs, APAC, Facebook
Moderator: Kay Vasey, Technology Lawyer, Lead Investor, MeshMinds
8.30 pm – VR painting showcase by 3D world builder, illustrator and visual artist, André Wee.
From 9pm – an opportunity for guests to create their own masterpieces using Tilt Brush.

Today the digital work coming out of artists’ studios – often just their laptops – shows a clear shift, dissolving the boundaries between “the art world” and “digital art”.

Contemporary artists are working with technologies that make it as easy to create digital works as it is to paint or sculpt. Artists using Tilt Brush technology at can sculpt spectacular 3D artwork in real time by moving their bodies through space, creating a result that looks more organic than digital.

Our ever-more digital society redefines how art is being made. Geography becomes less relevant by the day: Artists collaborate with a rotating cast of sparring partners all over the globe, not only other artists, but also writers, coders, fashion designers, and musicians.

The biggest influence on the art market so far? Instagram, perfectly designed to make a gallery’s pieces go viral, but not a sales platform per se.

Join us as we explore how technology is changing the way we make and consume art, and how we can better make use of digital platforms and emerging technologies to drive social change for good.

There will also be an opportunity after the panel discussion for guests to try their hands at Tilt Brush at the live Virtual Reality painting demo station!

Speakers Bios

Dr. Meri Rosich
Dr. Meri Rosich is CIO of Big Data Innovation & Business Transformation in Japan. She specializes in marketing innovation and strategic business transformation, leading teams for top global firms such as American Express, Bertelsmann, Samsung, and Docomo`s Oak Lawn Marketing. Her interests are centered around innovation, and how successful organizations and governments are transforming for the future; Smart Cities and how the growth of big data solutions reinvents industries with Machine Learning & AI; and how the new tech leaders drive companies creating the future of work.

Dillah Zakbah
Dillah Zakbah is Creative Technologist at BBH Asiapac (Singapore). As a creative and production hybrid, Dillah’s passion is in creative output, making things work and digital technology. A social media enthusiast, she has worked on digital builds, social media content and strategy as well. With experiences with the Indonesia, Australia and Singapore market, Dillah uses her vast living experience to understand and study behaviors across markets in terms of social media activity, user experience and technology use.

Ashima Thomas
Ashima Thomas is CEO and Co-Founder of Warrior9, a film production firm based in Singapore that specialize in using the immersive power of virtual reality to give mass audiences the most visceral story experiences of their lives. Ashima started her career as a journalist and have worked at various global television news channels (BBC World News, Al Jazeera English, CNBC etc). After 10 years in news, she shifted her focus to storytelling with a purpose: to move people to action, to raise awareness, to inspire and to entertain. Through Warrior9 she not only produces video and virtual reality stories, but also has experience in story strategy, establishing best practices and SOPs for content, and engaging audiences.

Dawn Ang
Dawn Ang (Aeropalmics) is an artist and freelance creative in Singapore. She dabbles in all media but is truly passionate about putting pencil to paper. She takes a cathartic, journalistic approach to her art, building ideas through private reflection, focusing on nuances of the human condition; fear, existence, consciousness, escapism and growth. Dawn has also been working with MeshMinds to explore the use of technology in creating virtual and 3D printed artwork with Google Tilt Brush and Fusion360 by Autodesk.

Clair Deevy
Clair Deevy is Head of Community Affairs, APAC at Facebook. She has more than 18 years’ experience as a communication and corporate social responsibility specialist with some of the biggest brands in Australia (AMP and Commonwealth Bank) and globally (Microsoft, Facebook) as well as in the Australian public sector. Clair is also experienced in fundraising, awareness building, entrepreneurship and technology, and a believer in the amazing things technology can do to create positive change.

Kay Vasey
Kay is a cultural producer who spearheaded several high-profile arts events and programmes whilst working for the British Council as Head of Arts in Singapore. She is also a technology lawyer and the lead investor in MeshMinds.

André Wee
André Wee is a 3D world builder, illustrator and visual artist who graduated from the RhodeIsland School of Design, RISD (USA). His works are primarily a reaction to the displacement, alienation and in-betweenness experienced between the constantly changing landscapes that he has lived and moved around in. He finds inspiration, obsession and calm in creating spaces both real and imagined, physical or digital, logical and impossible.

November 23 @ 19:00
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