Morning Jam: Hacking Order

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The world is exposed and data is leaking everywhere. Mikko Niemelä will demonstrate just how easily penetrable security is. Are systems safe from unlawful interference? Can we ever reclaim our privacy? Hear from a man who resurrects destroyed data and investigates this dangerous digital world.

Mikko Niemelä
has been ranked among the top 100 cybersecurity influencers. He is President and CEO of Kinkayo, a Singapore-based cyber intelligence agency; Chairman of Silverskin, a cyberattack company; and author of Anatomy of a Cyberattack. Prior to this, he was a trainer for law enforcement agencies such as Interpol, intelligence agencies, and the armed forces.

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Morning Jam is a series of breakfast talks curated at 1880 to tease and awaken your Friday Mornings. Held once a month, we bring together early birds who are driven by passion and purpose ready to inspire and learn from one another. Everyone is welcome.

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