Proutpreneur: Engaging Pink – Through The Wallet Or Through The Heart?

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Same-sex male couples in the US out earn straight couples by more than $60,000, according to a study released in 2016. The pink economy is set to become a major market, not just in the West but in Asia as well. How have companies effectively and sincerely engaged with the community, and what effects has it shown to their business? Will understanding the pink economy convince this GDP-driven nation to take a different stand on the community?

Becca D’Bus is one of Singapore’s most famous drag queens, and a host of many LGBTQ parties.

Guillaume Levy-Lambert is the Co-Founder of Art Porters Gallery, a Clifford Chance annual Pride art exhibition venue sponsor.

Jonathan O’Byrne is Founder and CEO at Collective Works, a co-working space in Singapore that offers built-to-order private office services.

Poom Voravarn Samkasat is the Director of Sales & Marketing at M Social Singapore, a sponsor at this year’s Pink Dot.

Kyle Malinda-White is the Co-Founder of Prout and Co-Founder of Popspoken, a media platform empowering smart millennials through culture perspectives.

Proutpreneur is a gathering of entrepreneurs and business owners who are concerned about not just nurturing the Pink Economy, but caring for the community’s wellness.

Man About Town is a Lifestyle and Marketing consultancy. We specialise in connecting brands with the LGBTQ+ community through creating events and experience for the LGBTQ+ community.

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