Redefining Sake

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Nicholas Coldicott, co-founder of the Kurokura craft sake label, will lead you in a tasting of cult brews that are upending the world of sake. He’s selected an entire spectrum of extraordinary flavours that are crushing common sake beliefs.

Nicholas Coldicott also writes about drinking for World’s 50 Best Bars, Wallpaper* City Guides, Condé Nast Traveller, and so on.


Terada Honke / Daigo no Shizuku
Produced using a fermentation method originating from a temple in Nara

Moriki / 90 Percent
Polished 90% while drawing the maximum possible flavour from the rice

Chiyo / Shinomine Nigori
A creamy sake bottled at a year old with beautiful flavours

Kidoizumi / Hot Yamahai
A brew that makes you fall in love with sake all over

Mukai / Inemankai
It’s pink, is on the menu at Noma, and brewed with careful secrecy

Akishika / #7 kobo
The king of the craft sake scene


Selection of cheeses
Truffle and parmesan churros, beef tartare
Cured salmon yuzu seaweed cones
Bergamot sorbet


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