Sweat Saturday at LEVEL

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Boost your energy levels and build your fitness through a range of activities at LEVEL’s newest gym. From low-impact yoga sessions to strengthen your core and improve flexibility to high-intensity strength trainings to challenge your limits, expect to sweat it out at this 1880 x LEVEL Saturday.


9am, 10am, 11am
Hone your fitness and build your agility at this General Physical Preparedness (GPP) class. It is an essential phase of training to prepare yourself for an athlete’s programme or simply to strengthen your overall physique.

9.30am Ground (60 mins)
Ground is a medium intensity class that includes more static poses designed to give you time to connect with your breath. This is a go-to class for you to progress mindfully in practice as you draw focus to the alignment of poses.

11.00am Restore (60 mins)
Restore is a slower-paced class that incorporates a combination of restorative and yin-inspired postures. This is the perfect session for you to wind down and cultivate a deep sense of inner relaxation and calmness.

3.00pm Move and Restore (75 mins)
Move is a higher-intensity class where you flow between postures, so expect to challenge and energise yourself through the practice to get your body and mind moving.

Alex, the Head Trainer, will take you through a personalised recipe of exercises and movements that will help you up your game.

*These classes are free for all 1880 members who flash their membership card on July 21st. RSVP to rsvp@1880.com.sg pre-book your space and register.

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July 21 @ 09:00
09:00 — 14:00

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