The Disruptor Series \ Disrupting Empathy with Christine Amour-Levar

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As we reflect on the last decade and its promise of a new era of digital freedom, we’ve watched humanity descend into a new chapter of narcissism, fake news, and distorted political ego instead. However, some individuals have driven change and brought a new purpose to the system including Christine Amour-Levar.

Christine gave up her safe corporate life at Nike to embark on bringing empathy to change the status quo. She founded two women’s global advocacy movements – HER Planet Earth and Women On A Mission and over the course of a few short years has become a social entrepreneur, author, and speaker. More importantly, she’s been inspiring a new decade of leaders to think about purpose before profit.

The Disruptor Series
Thought-provoking conversations with some of the world’s greatest minds that are disrupting business, culture, and everyday life with their progressive ideas. Be inspired as we interview each of our special guests to explore the future of AI, youth culture, payments, sustainability, retail, and many other aspects of 21st-century society.

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