The Disruptor Series: Disrupting Shakespeare with Gaurav Kripalani & Charlotte Nors

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Shakespeare is a key origin of modern society. He has shaped how we live, speak, and experience culture today. His plays have stood the test of time and have inspired countless adaptations. In Singapore, the Singapore Repertory Theatre has been pushing boundaries in our theatre scene since its humble beginnings 26 years ago, presenting disruptive performances and experiences that reshape how we interpret the world around us. How will it continue disrupting the new Netflix generation and the way we consume entertainment?

Gaurav Kripalani
is the Festival Director of the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) and the Artistic Director at the SRT.

Charlotte Nors
is the Managing Director at the SRT.

Moderated by

Dan Paris is the Regional Director of Business Development at TBWA\ Group Asia Pacific

The Disruptor Series
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