What Is The World’s Obsession With Private Islands?

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Juxtaposed against the sinking demand for private islands in 2012, these pieces of paradise seem to be the benchmark of high-end travel in recent years. Laidback hedonism coupled with the thrill of seclusion lend a mysterious allure to these secret escapes. How do these island retreats allow us to indulge in splendid isolation while engaging with the environment and fellow tourists in celebration of this shared desire to reconnect by disconnecting?


Michael King-Hew Co-owner, Kamalame Cay Bahamas

Cher Chua-Lassalvy Managing Director, Batu Batu Resort

Paul Robinson Chief Operating Officer, Bawah Reserve

Lynda Williams Founder & Managing Director, Vim & Vigour PR

Charlotte D. Morin Corporate Director of Marketing, Capella Hotel Group

Moderated by Marc Nicholson

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September 9 @ 19:30
19:30 — 22:00



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The Lost Donna
Every Thu - Sat, 6pm
at The Double

Donna is an enigma yet beautiful in every sense. Be transported to a lush oasis with tropical cocktails for a time of mayhem and magic.

Little Picassos with Parul
Sun, 18 Jul, 12.30pm - 2.30pm

Have an afternoon of fun with gouache washes, watercolour pencils, and storytelling through art, creating little masterpieces to take home with you.

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