Guidelines For Getting Along

We know your disdain for rules which is probably why you’re so successful, however keeping this eclectic, precious mix of individuals like you talking, sharing, and learning in this place you call your club remains our top priority, so please keep these guidelines in mind.

Playfulness is highly encouraged but so is respect and decency. Take liberty to engage with staff, other members, and make guests feel at home.

We would love for you to bring your friends to visit, up to 3 guests at a time, anytime. Each guest is welcome to visit the club 10 times per year and their full names should be provided in advance.

Those below 18 are welcome when accompanied by parents before 4pm on Saturdays, and before 8pm on Sundays and public holidays.

The club is your enclave. If you are comfortable being naked, we applaud you, though not everyone may be congenial with your birthday suit.

A casually elegant setting for your meals. Reservations are highly encouraged and should be made by members. If you’d like to bring your own wine when dining in, please check with our team about corkage.

Whether it’s tea or tequila, coffee or champagne, you’ll get the perfect libation to keep you going. Wait, who’s Arthur?

We have different areas for coexistence outdoors be it for a cigar or a breath of fresh air.

A range of grooming and pampering services to keep you looking good and feeling good.

Please be mindful of your neighbours when speaking on a device. Phone booths and meeting rooms are available for booking if you need a quieter space.

Share photos, videos, or reflections of the day. Remember to tag @1880singapore and #1880Singapore in your posts. Other members might value their privacy so discretion is key.

Sometimes your pets need alone time too. Let them stay home.