Marc Nicholson

Marc Nicholson

An award-winning moderator, quizmaster, storyteller, idea sexer, cosplayer, and also the Founder of 1880.

Marc is a serial entrepreneur whose past endeavours include venture capital, advertising, and a chain of barber shops.

Luke Jones

Luke Jones

We wish we saw more of him in Singapore like how he probably wishes he saw his top hat, that went missing at a party, again.

Luke has over 20 years of commercial experience including his role as CFO at Delphis Consulting, Managing Director at Halo, Advisor at Cylindo, and Aviva Stanoff Design.

Jean Low

Jean Low

Can’t go a day without meditation or yoga.

Jean has over 20 years of financial leadership and operational experience across the real estate, education, and co-working sectors and board advisory roles in gender equality and the arts.

Director of Operations

You can never find him in the same place for more than 5 minutes. When he doesn’t already have enough to do, he teaches public speaking to kids.

Ganesh has been in the F&B industry for almost 20 years, including his stint at Nouri and Bacchanalia.

Colin Buchan

Colin Buchan
Executive Chef

Fluent in Singlish bad words, loves deep house and hip-hop, and would be a DJ if he wasn’t a chef.

Colin was previously the head chef at Jason Atherton’s Pollen, worked with Gordon Ramsay for more than a decade, and an alumnus of Michelin-starred establishments including Marco Pierre White’s L’Escargot. Colin was also the former private chef to David and Victoria Beckham.

Conversation with Colin >

Mitty Martin

Mitty Martin
Membership Director

Her real name is Mariechen and party tricks include sabrage and finishing bottles of rosé before you know it.

Mitty established her career in members clubs starting with the Birley Group running events across the group including Annabel’s and went on to lead the Business Development and Membership Teams at Grace Belgravia.

Conversation with Mitty >

Sophie Fitsall

Sophie Fitsall
Events & Programming Director

No parties for you without this lady who works really hard so you can have the most memorable parties and events at 1880.

Sophie is our events extraordinaire with more than 10 years of experience managing high-end large- scale hospitality, fashion, luxury, and corporate events including Gordon Ramsay Holdings and Rhubarb Food Design.

Tsoler Jekalian
F&B Director

She says she’s been fortunate to have met many celebrities over the course of her time in hospitality but we think they were the ones who got lucky.

Tsoler is our in-house ambassador from Lebanon bringing with her more than 10 years of experience in the F&B and hospitality industry across fine-dining establishments and a famous alpine restaurant and bar.

Phil Gray
Finance Director

“Loves” Microsoft Excel and wonders what he must’ve done in his previous life to deserve it. Keen football fan and player.

He has been working with numbers for 15 years in Deloitte, Kellogg’s, Mr Kipling Cakes, and in his own coffee business. He also co-founded a yoga studio in London.

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The Team

MEET THE TEAM Marc Nicholson Founder An award-winning moderator, quizmaster, storyteller, idea sexer, cosplayer, and also the Founder of 1880. Marc is a serial entrepreneur whose past endeavours include venture...


1880NE 1880NE is 1880’s impact foundation: one conversation, one idea, one resolve, one donation, one change, one world. 1880NE builds upon 1880’s existing and growing social capital to educate, mentor,...
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