Through 2018, we hosted a series of dinners for a few groups of women at 1880 who are each putting a dent in the universe in their own unique way. Every one who came shared their stories of most cherished moments, deepest wishes, hopes and aspirations, times of clarity and courage, times of doubt and fear, essentially – life.

It became clear that we all lead incredibly busy lives and while we may be at different stages of life, of being old, young, or young at heart, single, married, unmarried, healthy, stressed, in or out of jobs, whatever our states of mind and body, when we get together, something magical happens. There is a communion of sorts and we nourish ourselves and each other, brightening and lightening our spirits through laughter and tears.

Applications for the women’s forum are now closed. You may continue to register your interest by emailing: womensforum@1880.com.sg

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HIRA MOKOMOKO, OUR GENERAL MANAGER You are hosting a dinner party for three. Who would you invite (dead or alive) and why? Grace Jones - She intrigues me. She's a...
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MITTY MARTIN, OUR HEAD OF MEMBERSHIP You are hosting a dinner party for three. Who would you invite (dead or alive) and why?  Goldie Hawn - We did a few...
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The Team

MEET THE TEAM Marc Nicholson Founder Moderator, storyteller, idea sexer, and also the Founder of 1880. Marc is a serial entrepreneur whose past endeavours include venture capital, advertising, and a...
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16 May to 13 Jun 2021

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Remember to stay connected with each other and keep your masks on, though things might look different for a while.

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